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What Are Reward Cups?

Reward Cups supercharges loyalty program growth

The Easy & Effective

"Plug In & Grow"

Patented Solution

Reward Cups Customized Solutions Quickly Integrate With Your


POS Systems

Loyalty Programs

Fuel Reward Cards

Discount Programs

Coupon Services

We work TOGETHER with your vendors to:

Supercharge Loyalty Growth

Increase Store Visits & Basket Size

Maintain a Significant Presence on Mobile 

Build Your Brand Awareness

Collect Valuable Data

We "Enhance" Your Current Programs!


Our patented design features spinning labels and windows that showcase special offers, sweepstakes, and more.  Interacting with Reward Cups customers, cell phones capture their data to analyze and guide future promotions.  "Learn the customer to earn the customer."


​​Our strategy is devised to take customers from their cups to their phones to YOUR website...enrolling them in your loyalty program along the way.  Designed to avoid employee workload.  Reward Cups is positioned to put eyeballs on your brand and your products, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.


Marketing is only as good as the results.  Reward Cups deliver your marketing messages right into the hands of consumers.  And they take that marketing with them when they leave your store.  Compelling offers and games inspire action like return visits and larger baskets.  That's Loyalty, and that's results!   

John McCrory, Founder & CEO of Reward Cups

- John McCrory, Founder & CEO

"We have developed a complete, yet easy to implement solution that will engage customers, grow loyalty, and increase sales better than any other marketing vehicle available to convenience stores today".

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