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What are REWARD CUPS ?

The Easy & Effective

"Plug In & Grow" Patented Solution

Reward Cups customized solutions quickly integrate with your CURRENT:

POS Systems

Loyalty Programs

Fuel Reward Cards

Discount Programs

Coupon Services


We work TOGETHER with your current vendors to:

Decrease Your Cup Costs

Supercharge Loyalty Growth

Increase Basket Sizes

Build Your Brand

We "Enhance" Your Current Programs!



Our patent design features a spinning label and window that showcase multiple offers, coupons, sweepstakes, and more.  Your customers will be intrigued by what they can save and what they can win.  From coupons, to prizes, to travel, to free cars - the opportunities to advertise and promote are endless.  Along the way, valuable data is collected to help manage your growing business.


​​Our team is dedicated to helping your business increase sales, reduce expenses, utilize advertising dollars more effectively, and collect customer data to guide decision-making.  We partner with world class companies that want to advertise in your business, along with existing vendors interested in strategic marketing to boost in-store sales.  Don't fear the future - attack it head on with Reward Cups!

We deliver results!  With our patented Reward Cup technology we can help your company integrate a marketing solution into your loyalty program. Measure increases in sales, customer visits, & buying trends.  Fixed costs will decrease, freeing up advertising dollars that can be spent more effectively.  Your rejuvenated loyalty program will grow efficiently and exponentially!
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"We have developed a complete, yet easy to implement solution that will engage customers, grow loyalty, and increase sales better than any other marketing vehicle available to convenience stores today".   - John McCrory, Founder & CEO

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